National Post: 50% of baby boomers may live over 100 years

Canada’s National Post newspaper examines life extension A growing anti-ageing movement believes the Baby-Boom generation will live longer than any generation before it. Ronald Klatz, co-founder of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, predicts fifty percent of Baby Boomers can live up to 100 and beyond. He predicts genetic research on stem cells and cloning “will take us to 120 and beyond. Soon, we will be the Ageless Society.”

Currently, the Gerontology Research Group estimates 450 people in the world are 110 or older (those who live longer to 110 years or more are calledsupercentenarian), 60 to 75 of them in the U.S. Currently, only one in one thousand centenarians live to be 110 and one in 44 live another 5 years to 115.

Canada has 4,000 centenarians, 3,400 of whom are women, according to the government of Canada’s chief actuary, Jean-Claude Menard

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