Fast Wireless in South Korea

From the BBC, the future of communication is happening in South Korea first High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) piggybacks on the 3G cellular networks, but HDSPA gives speeds which are about three to four times faster than regular 3G. Seoul is just starting to roll out Wibro, which stands for wireless broadband. Koreans cannot actually use Wibro on their phones because no-one has figured out how to cram in the bulky and power-hungry Wibro chipsets, and make what is essentially a data service work alongside voice calls.

DMB – Digital Multimedia Broadcasting – is now being watched by over a million Koreans since its launch last year. DMB lets you watch several dozen channels of TV content on your phone.

4G networks are in trials and demonstrations. They provie 100 megabit stream of data whilst moving at 60 kph and 1 gigabit while stationary.