Petaflop supercomputer projects

Supercomputer systems discussed at conference including petaflop supercomputer projects.

Makoto Taiji, RIKEN of Japan, discussed the current MDGrape3 system (1.4 Petaflop), the 2008 GRAPE-DR project (2 Petaflop), and the 2012 NexGen project (10 Petafop).

Zeng Yu said the current Dawning 5000A system scales to 100 TF peak performance and Dawning plans a petascale computer. Chinese leading supercomputer vendor, Dawning Information Industry Co. Ltd of Beijing has the Dawning 5000 (100 teraflop system) and Dawning 6000 (petaflop system) based on both commercial chips and homegrown chips.

LANL’s plans to scale the IBM “Roadrunner” to petascale Linpack performance in a couple of years.

Argonne National Laboratory has a 100-teraflop Blue Gene/L and intends to advance to a peak petaflop in a few years.

Blue Gene/L successor will be Blue Gene/P (for petaflop), followed by Blue Gene/Q (10 petaflops). Power6 is due out in about one year.


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