Probably more disease and death from warmer climate

A warmer world already seems to be producing a sicker world, health experts reported Tuesday, citing surges in Kenya, China and Europe of such diseases as malaria, heart ailments and dengue fever. A study of three Chinese cities found annual excess deaths totaled between 173 and 685 per million residents, Jin said. Projected over the huge Chinese population of 1.3 billion, this could amount to as many as 890,000 deaths nationwide per year.

The populations developing nations of Africa and Asia would be more vulnerable to disease and adverse weather conditions. Developed nations are not immune such as the nearly 15,000 heat wave deaths suffered in France in 2003. Across europe the heat wave killed at least 35,000 and as many as 50,000

These and other effects of global warming and pollution indicate the urgent need to take action to reduce the use of coal. As I have noted a strong push for nuclear power is part of the solution to achieve the fastest results.