2030 Energy forecast is 50% more coal usage

Coal is projected to increase 50% in the AEO2007 reference case, particularly for electricity generation. Coal consumption is projected to increase from 22.9 quadrillion Btu (1,128 million short tons) in 2005 to more than 34 quadrillion Btu (1,772 million short tons) in 2030, with significant additions of new coal-fired generation capacity over the last decade of the projection period, when rising natural gas prices are projected.

Energy Prices are projected.

Energy efficiency to generate GDP expected to double.

The carbon generation picture would keep getting worse.

Coal kills 1000+/day and is a major contributor to climate change. We need a lot more Nuclear power until coal and oil are eliminated. Advanced Thorium reactors can eliminate the 10,000 year waste problem and the proliferation issues.