Successful Quantum computer business impact

Dwave systems plans to demo a 16 qubit (4×4 grid) superconducting AQC (adiabatic quantum computing) in the first quarter of 2007. Each qubit is connected to nearest- and next-nearest neighbors using tunable couplers. The chip is programmed by setting the values of the biases on each qubit (16 total), and the values of each of the (42) couplers.

The demo will focus on running two applications on the hardware. One is a planning/scheduling application and the other is a pattern match application for small molecules.

Since Dwave was considering starting out with a 64 qubit machine, I believe that if they hit the Q1 2007 16 qubit target that by Q4 of 2007 they will have the 64 qubit machine.

My paid public prediction at long bets is 100+ qubits by Dec 31,2010. I remain confident that Dwave systems will the company that makes that prediction come true. I think 100+ qubits will happen in 2008.

Logistics dependent companies like airlines, buses, trucking and package delivery companies will benefit with more efficient routing. The stocks of and related to the Dow Jones Transportation index

Biotechnology and nanotechnology companies will benefit from the improved quantum simulation capabilities. The Nasdaq biotechnology index lists prominent biotech companies

The routing and infrastructure of information delivery for computer networks could also be optimized. There is also optimization potential in the layout of computer chips.

I think there will be significant efficiency gains that will be captured in the 2008-2010 timeframe with 64-1024 qubit quantum supercomputers.

Computer security companies and computer security consultants will benefit from new work changing the computer security to be quantum computer resistant. Banks, governments and financial institutions will have the expense of converting their systems to the new algorithms.

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quantum computer business impact
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