Superconducting quantum computer update

Dwave systems has decided to push back the demo of their superconducting quantum computer until sometime in Q1/2007. The CTO does claim that In the almost 8 years since we started D-Wave I’ve only celebrated once (last week [Nov 20-26, 2006]), when the whole system was working beginning to end.

The new programming environment includes a declarative language that captures NP (Non-deterministic Polynomial) . In this framework, a programmer states what the solutions to their NP problems look like in first order logic, and our software compiles this “declaration” down to the machine language of our solver system. Declarative languages may be familiar to some of you (prolog) but don’t worry ours is easier to use, more flexible and works much better. The idea is that you won’t need to know anything about how our systems work to use them–you just need to be able to state what properties the solution you’re looking for has.

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