Discovery Channels View of 2057

Discovery channel has a series on the future of 2057

They are way to conservative on what they are projecting. The chat transcript with series host futurist Michio Kaku shows that he is not up to date on the latest technologies. He thinks that the most powerful quantum computer calculation is 3*5=15. This was the most powerful but now there is Dwave performing seating plan algorithms.

He thinks the longest carbon nanotubes are 7mm.
Arrays of carbon nanotubes can be grown over 7 mm long

4 cm long carbon nanotubes were made in 2004

Michio also does not believe in the singularity and thinks that Moore’s law could end in 2020.

The show has a view of automated robots helping to perform invasive heart replacement surgery. I think regenerative medicine and less invasive techniques will be more dominant.

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