Hong kong 1 Gbps symmetric to the home

Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) has provided a 1 Gbps symmetric service for the residential market since April 2005. Approximately 800,000 households, out of a total of 2.2 million households in Hong Kong, are wired to receive the service. The 1 Gbps symmetric service is priced at US$215 per month.

HKBN Premium bb1000 service is being offered on the same metro Ethernet infrastructure that delivers the company’s Mass Market bb100 (symmetric 100 Mbps for US$34/month) and Entry Point bb10 (symmetric 10 Mbps for US$16/month) services.

India’s Center for Development of Telematics (C-DoT) and Canada’s Communication Research Center have signed an agreement in 2005 to look at the possibility of using MILTON, or Microwave Light Organized Network, a wireless technology developed in Canada, as a cheap, last-mile access solution.

Article from 2005 on how Asia is kicking American ass on getting real broadband and why this will hurt the american economy