Making some contributions to the ideas factory

I have made some contributions to the public blog for the EPSRC Ideas Factory “Software Control of Matter”, directed by Richard Jones.

My ideas on trying to creatively create new breakthroughs in capability Looking at gatling gun architectures and breaking up a working surface like ice cubes from an ice cube tray. This is and the survey of capabilities are what I think are the best comments and contributions that I made so far.

A comment indicating the need to perform a survey of existing relavent capabilities and reasonable expectation of improvement

more on ranking and evaluating and scoring current capabilities

Things to make with a matter compiler I suggest room temperature superconductor material as a stretch goal, better quantum computers, better regular computers and better matter compilers to iteratively improve the tools and systems to drive them to the next level of productivity. Metamaterials and components of the Z-pinch, that Los Alamos national lab device is within reach of nuclear fusion. It looks like something that has room for a matter compiler to make improvements.

A discussion of potential products and markets for a software control of matter capability I indicate that the potential markets and products are dependent upon the specifics of the capabilities developed. There are already major markets and progress being made with nanoparticles, MEMS and other pre-molecular nanotechnology capabilities. Particularly fertile areas are better sensors and computer applications.

A posting about the progress and areas that would be considered more mainstream technology progress. The work done in mainstream research is very good, so a breakthrough capabilities target needs to be very aggressive