Personal cost of coal to people in the USA

Coals impact on you

$200-1000/year in higher health insurance premiums
higher prices on goods and products. Companies are passing on the higher health premiums that they pay for their workers, plus the lost productivity for workers that are out sick because of pollution.
Higher costs for acid resistant paint for cars, houses
Extra costs for public buildings that need more repair to the outside because of pollution damage
Toxic waste, superfund cleanups
Less fish, higher prices for fish
Less resale value on cars in places with acid rain (more rust and corrosion). New Jersey, Detroit etc…
Any flight delays in or out of Los Angeles and other places because of visibility.

Maybe you knew one of the 27,000 people who die each year in the USA.
Grandma, granddad, mom, dad, uncle or aunt, friend dieing a few years earlier from lung disease

How about all the people who you know who have asthma? Don’t you notice that there are more and more each year ? No link?
Are you in a city that has “clear the air” days? Why do you think that we have those things. Don’t you consider that to be a pathetic bandaid over the underlying problems.