More on the most powerful magnets

A pulsed magnet reached 87.8 tesla The Earth’s magnetic field is one twenty thousandth of (.00005) of a tesla.

The united states national magnet labs (Gainesville – University of Florida, Los Alamos – LANL, Tallahassee – Florida State University) have most of the most powerful magnets in the world.

– The 45 tesla world-record hybrid magnet, which produces the highest
field of any continuous field magnet in the world.

60 tesla long pulse magnet (2 second pulse.)

– 35 tesla world record resistive magnet (Florida-Bitter design)
– 25 tesla, wide-bore magnet for magnetic resonance research
– 14.5 tesla, shielded superconducting magnet for ICR —
the highest field ICR magnet in the world
830 MHz (megahertz) spectrometer for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR),
with a 19.6 tesla superconducting magnet
900 MHz, 21.1 tesla ultra-wide bore NMR magnet — giving researchers
the largest experimental space to date

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  1. the article was describing plans for 95m tall towers and 140m rotors. So 300+ ft tall for the 3.6MW version. In the link to the diagram.

    The 5MW plan has tower height of 120m. Or almost 400 feet. The tip of the rotor would reach 180m.

    the 10 MW planned for 2015 will probably be 200m tall for the tower. Over 650 feet tall tower.

    GE or someone else could move faster and make 20-30MW versions that would be as tall as you describe.

  2. This is a great post. I think you are dead. The key point about wind energy is that as you build bigger and bigger wind turbines, the amount of energy grows rapidly. Who knows how big they can get? The biggest today have a hub height around 250 ft. How about a turbine a thousand feet tall? My futurist predication –> within 10 years, a turbine with 1000 ft hub height.


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