Augmenting soldiers

Wired looks at DARPA’s human soldier augmentation programs

– Cooling hands helps endurance. The reason is that muscles don’t wear out because they use up stored sugars but because they get to hot. Cooling helps overclock the body.

– Working to suspend injured soldiers through oxygen depravation. Mice were give a whiff of hydrogen sulfide first. Then they survived in the 5 percent oxygen environment for six hours — unconscious but alive. They knocked rats out with a blast of the gas and drained 60 percent of their blood. They lived for 10 hours or more.

– Heated gloves can stave of hypothermia

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  1. I was a bit skeptical of the graph (despite being a technophile and an optimist) but the article makes a good case for this new trend. It seems that every gain achieved from this strategy has a domino effect of other gains in the economy of design and manufacture. Great post.


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