Bussard Fusion Navy contract renewed

As of April 2007, Dr. Robert Bussard, stated that due to the publicity from his 11/9/2006 talk at Google and the 2006 Outstanding Technology of the Year Award, the U.S. Navy sent him a contract extension to continue his fusion research.

UPDATE FROM TOM LIGON: Evidently somebody got carried away with some fairly routine bookkeeping. The contract still exists, and there is still the same un-spent money on the books. Evidently, what happened is a “no-cost extension”. That is, the period of the contract has been extended, but they’re not sending any checks.

Bussard Electrostatic Fusion concept was covered here twice

This is good news as this is a highly promising concept that should be relatively cheap and quick to test out. 4 years and 200 million dollars versus many decades and tens of billion for the Tokomak.

A presentation on Bussard Fusion will be made by Tom Ligon at ISDC 2007 (International Space Development Conference) Tom Ligon is a former employee of Robert Bussard’s Energy Matter Conversion Corporation, and now works for Athena Controls.

Power and Control: Good News – Fusion Project Funded

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