Support Clean Air Bills to save thousands of lives and billions of dollars

New anti-air pollutions bills that are going before congress. The Clean Air Planning Act would save thousands of lives each year. For instance, EPA estimated that the previous bill, when compared to “Clear Skies” in 2010, would mean 10,000 fewer premature deaths, 15,000 fewer trips to the emergency room and 1 million fewer work days missed due to chronic illness. EPA’s analysis shows that in 2010 under the Clean Air Planning Act these and other benefits yield a cost-to-benefit ratio of greater than 10-to-1.
Clean Air Planning Act

Cap and Trade bill (2007)

Contact your Senator and your member of the House of Representatives to indicate your support for these bills.

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Analysis of the prior version of the bill would save $65 billion in health costs in 5 years and $140 billion in 15 years.

Scaling up nuclear power and thorium energy would be the second wave to the new bills and could be used to eliminate coal power completely.

The bill passed in 2005 Clean Air interstate (CAIR) Seems to have avoided gutting the Clean Air Act of 1990 the way the Bush administration would have done with the Clear skies bill. But only improved things a bit in 29 states in terms of emissions.

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Sierra Club pdf on the CAIR

EPA analysis of the different proposals from 2003-2005. (pdf)

Congressional Research Service compared Bush vs Jeffords vs Carper Bills (pdf)