Zyvex’s Nanosolve additive and other products

Zyvex is the first company that has had the creation of a molecular assembly capability as a goal. Here is a review of recent progress and developments.

This is a depiction of the non-covalent Nanosolve “bridge”, which contains two major components. One component adheres to the nanomaterials; the other easily customizes to any application. This technology allows Zyvex to quickly adapt to our customer’s needs, providing early adopters with rapid time to market — and a very unique product.

Carbon nanotubes have exceptional intrinsic physical and mechanical properties, but incorporating them into other materials has previously been inhibited by the chemical nature of their surface.
Zyvex has overcome problems such as phase separation, aggregation, poor dispersion within a matrix, and poor adhesion to the host in order to enhance material properties with carbon nanotube properties.

Zyvex has overcome these restrictions by developing a new surface treatment technology allowing excellent dispersion of CNTs in various polymers and solvents (including water) as well as enhancing the interaction between CNTs and the host matrix. Zyvex creates a multi-functional “bridge” between the CNT sidewalls and the host material or solvent.

Zyvex process for adding nanotubes to materials that leads to a better than 50-fold enhancement of solubility compared to other leading functionalization schemes. This method enables superior control of the relative placement of functionalities on the nanotube surfaces and does not degrade the nanotubes as other methods do. In addition, our technology works with virtually any diameter nanotube and is integrated into the backbone of the rigid conjugated polymers.

Zyvex is splitting into four companies and one of them will be focused on the opportunity for widespread use of their system for generally improving material properties. They can adjust how much improvement to the strength of a material is made to ensure the maximum affordability for sufficient improvement for an application. Pay X amount and get double strength aluminum, or pay 2X and get four times the strength aluminum.

Zyvex has developed key breakthroughs in robustly assembling NanoLock™ Structures, heterogeneous components smaller than 1 mm in physical size. They have leveraged ways to make MEMS components Lego®-like by using their MechTile technology to assemble and plug components into their target locations.

The MEMS nanolocks are on the development pathway to nanoblocks

Zyvex also has innovative manipulation tool systems and microscope enabled probe and manipulation systems.

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