Current and recent space launch costs

Here is pdf that reports on the status, activity and prices of the commercial space launch industry

Long March 3A, 3B and 4B rocket launches had $50 million prices for the vehicle.
The Long March 3B can get 11.2 tons to LEO A $2030/lb price to LEO.
The Long March 5 will be able to launch 25 tons into LEO.

Proton M rocket price is listed at $70 million.

A Proton M can launch 3 to 3.2 tonnes (6600 to 7050 lbm) into geostationary orbit or 5.5 tonnes (12,100 lbm) into a geostationary transfer orbit. It can place up to 22 tonnes (48,500 lbm) in low Earth orbit with a 51.6-degree inclination.
The price to LEO is $1443/lb.

Proton rockets seem to cost about 70 million per launch

Proton SL-12 is listed at $72.5 million and can launch about 20 tons to LEO.

Soyuz 2 is listed at $40 million

Ariane 5 ECA is listed at a price of $140 million. It can lift 21,000kg to LEO. This is a price of $3,030/lb to LEO.

Here is a chart of prices from 2001 to get to LEO

Information on the Delta IV rocket

Here is a one page pdf that shows that the Delta IV heavy can be expanded to 100 tons to LEO

Here is a discussion of possible SpaceX plans for heavy lifters

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