Establishing a Global scale thorium fuel cycle

There is an paper by Kazuo Furukawa et al, “A Road Map for the Realization of Global-scale Thorium Breeding Fuel Cycle by Single Molten-Fluoride Flow”
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If fission industry were to achieve the replacement of the present fossil fuel industry the doubling–time of nuclear energy should be less than 10 years, preferably 5-7 years. The liquid metal cooled fast breeder reactors (LMFBR) have the best breeding criteria but the doubling time exceeds 20 years.

The development and launching of THORIMS-NES requires the following three programs during the next three decades: (A) pilot plant: miniFUJI (7-10 MWe): (B) small power reactor: FUJI-Pu (100-300MWe). (C) fissile producer: AMSB for., globally deploying THORIMS-NES.

The growth rate should be about 10 years in doubling time, and its peak output about 10 TWe (30 times bigger than the present) achieving by 2065, considering factors such as population and economical growth, etc.

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