A robust infrastructure

An interview on wired about creating a robust society that is able to resist system shocks The key is to create community infrastructure in a box. Enable the quick replacement of infrastructure and for the grid to be able to contain failure to small regions.

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  1. I do not see any practical benefit from a nuclear strike, even if a specific nation is clearly identified. None of the regimes that would consider aiding a nuclear terrorist strike are very stable and the use of conventional means to take out their ability to rule (police and army) would result in regime change and if it was not changed well the first time a second military response would be appropriate. Unlike the “you break it you bought it” policy for Iraq and Afghanistan, there would be no requirement to rebuild the nation yourselves. After a nation facilitated nuclear terrorism, no nation or body on the planet would have the moral justification to even criticize you (though that would not stop them) and a sufficient number of nations would stand against any attempt to halt your actions.


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