Check out the 9th carnival of space

The 9th carnival of space is up at the planetary society blog

My article about the rapid progress in lasers Advancednano reports on which can be used in laser launch arrays.
Some of the other articles:

Paul Gilster over at Centauri Dreams really makes you think about the challenges we face with interstellar travel.

Pamela Gay of Star Stryder explains how lenses of a different size altogether can make invisible objects in the universe visible.

James Watt at Surfin’ English explains just a few of the very, very many ways that spaceships can have bad days.

Clark Lindsey of the Space Transport News Blog points out that technical revolutions happen slowly, and that we may be in the middle of one right now.

Tony Darnell of AstronomyBuff muses on the future of liquid mirrors for big telescopes.