Dwave Systems Quantum computer Update June, 2007

This pdf discusses a recent presentation by Geordie Rose, CTO of Dwave Systems The main thing is that Dwave believes that they are still on track to release a commercial system May, 2008 that will be one hundred times faster for certain business relevant problems. This would probably be the 512 qubit machine. The 1024 qubit machine would follow up. The dispute on quantumness of the system is ongoing and will not be resolved until May 2008 or later into 2008 and 2009 in my opinion.

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  1. I think that hybrid nanotube / semiconductors will have an impact first. Nantero has partnered with LSI logic ad others and is supposed to launch NRAM in 2007. The room temp spintronics seems to be about 5 years away. Spintronics is a big area. By some definitions it is already here in hard drive read/write heads.

    I think spintronics will have a bigger and broader impact on computing than nanotubes. Nanotubes will have their biggest impact on high strength structural material and perhaps in transmission of electricity. Nanotubes will impact electronics in general more but I currently see less potential in computing specifically. I think molecular electronics will eventually use other molecules for computing that will be more effective than nanotubes. Nanotube being only one class (although an important one) out of a whole universe of molecules.

    NRAM will save the charge and make RAM not require energy to maintain memory.

    The broad definition of spintronics is electronics that takes advantage of the spin characteristic of electrons. that is a pretty basic effect. Ultimately as big as electronics the use of electron charge. Especially big if that method becomes a leading way to perform large scale quantum computing.

  2. Neat. Sounds like we are one step closer on this one.

    So what do you think about spintronics vs. nanotubes for computing? Which could give more computing power? Which would use less electrical power? Which do you think will show up first?

    Great blog.


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