Life Extension Engineering

About an hour long presentation is made by Aubrey de Grey. Thanks to Michael Anissimov at Accelerating Future and Fight Aging for pointing it out.

I have seen it and prior presentation made by Aubrey de Grey a few years ago at a Senior Associate Gathering of the Foresight Institute. Aubrey is making a slightly refined presentation.

He makes the basic case for taking an engineering approach to the accumulating damage of metabolism. This is also clearly presented at the site However, hearing Aubrey describe it and the chain of reasoning from that point through the entire life extension plan could convince many who believe in more incremental approaches.

Aubrey goes into an updated discussion of life extension escape velocity He and Chris Phoenix have performed computational analysis of how periodic improvements in our ability to reduce some of the accumulated damage from metabolism would translate into life extension. Any of the damage could eventually kill you, but we are able to tolerate a lot of damage. By being able to fix some of the damage and get better at fixing it they show that it translate into a percentage of people who will live a long time. Depending the age of someone who lives to the first major treatment for damage reduction it will determine the chance that they could live a long time. Say 10% for someone who is 80, 50% for someone who is 70 and so on.

Aubrey then talks about the details of fixing one type of damage, the removal of lysosomal aggregates

The project to fix this damage is lysosens

Not discussed was the mitosens project

There are ten other similar projects that are ready to be started when the research funds are available. You can donate to SENS research here as well as to the Mprize and donating airmiles to help cover travel