One billion PCs and other big numbers

Mike Treder among many others have talked about the milestone of one billion personal computers that is being reached this year

Tomi T Ahonen at communities dominate talks about 2.7 billion mobile phones and the numbers of other devices

1.15 billion cell phones will be sold this year alone In other parts of the world the mobile phone is how people connect to the internet and each other.

3 billion people will have mobile phones by the end of 2007

800 million cars
1.4 billion credit card holders and more with debit cards
One source quotes 2.5 billion combined debit and credit card users at the start of 2007

So a clearer picture on what those around world who have not purchased their own personal computer are doing is mostly sharing a computer or using a mobile phone.

Also, some of the youngest would not necessarily be expected to have a computer.
0-14 years: 27.4% (male 931,551,498/female 875,646,416) Total of 1.8 billion 14 or less.

Those aged 5 or less would not be considered deprived without a computer or phone. Although from 6 and up having access to a computer for education makes sense.
About 120 million births per year, therefore 600 million of the worlds 6.5 billion are not deprived without a PC or mobile phone.