Other work from the nanomechanical computer people

The site for the people making the nanomechanical computer indicates there are other work

They are also working on artificial ion channels:

We apply nanostructuring techniques to the most fundamental unit of information exchange in living systems: ion channels. Ion channels regulate the flow of ions through cell membranes, thus maintaining electrostatic activity and potential in all living systems.

Mis-functioning and non-functioning ion channels are involved in many diseases, such as immune deficiency and cardiovascular diseases.

Using semiconductor materials such as glass, quartz and plastic, we have machined nanostructures that adapt to cell membranes. These ‘lab on chip’ devices monitor the flow of charge through ion channels and stimulate mechanically and electronically active ion channels.

They are designing and building 3D nanostructures, using processing techniques for standard semiconductor materials (silicon & GaAs) and others (glass & plastic).

a 4 page paper on a suspended quantum dot Using the suspended quantum dot, which acts as a very sensitive bolometer, we are able to study the interaction of low dimensional electronic and phonon systems. A bolometer is a device for measuring the energy of incident electromagnetic radiation.

There nanomechanical shuttle is the basis of the new nanoelectromechanical computer

Richard Jones has a writeup which does help clarify the operations slightly

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