Bigelow plans habitable private space station by 2010

The company plans to luanch its Sundancer space station, able to support a crew of three, into orbit by 2010.

Prior plans for the $75 million Sundancer are a 180 cubic meters of habitation, attitude control, orbit maneuverability and three windows to support a crew of three. Bigelow has partnered with Lockheed Martin to use its Atlas V rocket to propel the Sundancer into orbit. The Bigelow Sundancer is not the only space hotel on the books, however, for this company. Bigelow Aeronautics is also working on its Nautilus module, which is reported to be 10-times the size of Genesis I.

Bigelow also has plans for the BA 330, which would have 330 cubic meters of space It is planned for launch in 2012.

An advanced version of the BA330 would be for orbiting around the earth and the moon (cislunar orbit

A competing firm, Galactic Suite based in Barcelona, Spain, is planning a 3 bedroom space hotel in 2012