Bussard Fusion may be funded

The Bussard fusion reactor might have gotten funded There have been some prior false alarms on funding.

Prior articles on Robert Bussards Inertial Electrostatic fusion system

Robert Bussard the designer of the Bussard ramjet has an electrostatic fusion device that is supposed to be 100,000 times better than other electrostatic fusion systems.

He will get a chance to make an improved demo which if it works would be a prelude to a full system costing $100 to 200 million. This would be a bargain relative to the billions of dollars for 40 years for the International Tokomak Fusion system.

A discussion board where some insiders like Tom Ligon provide information

The website for the Bussard fusion project

The 2005 prototype.

My two other favorite projects which I think could enable a nuclear energy future.
Trialpha energy’s colliding beam fusion which has been funded by over $50 million by Venrock, Goldman Sach’s, Paul Allen etc…

The Z Machine

Advanced thorium fission reactors can also be very good

Thorium energy blog has lots of technical details

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