2007 State of the Future report

The 9 page executive summary from the 2007 State of the Future report

The most interesting thing to me is on page 7. A summary of the work on future education possibilities, which basically gets into intelligence augmentation and AGI.

The possibilities were:
• National programs for improving collective intelligence
• Just-in-time knowledge and learning
Individualized education
• Use of simulations
• Continuous evaluation of individual learning processes designed to prevent people from growing unstable or becoming mentally ill
• Improved individual nutrition
Genetically increased intelligence
• Use of global on-line simulations as a primary social science research tool
• Use of public communications to reinforce pursuit of knowledge
• Portable artificial intelligence devices
Complete mapping of human synapses to discover how learning occurs and thereby develop strategies for improvement of learning
Means for keeping adult brains healthier for longer periods
Chemistry for brain enhancement
• Web 17.0
• Integrated life-long learning systems
• Programs aimed at eliminating prejudice and hate
• E-Teaching
Smarter than human computers• Artificial microbes enhancing intelligence

There estimates of the likelihood of each of those possibilities

I view it as particially a ranking of likelihood as what is considered more acceptable and mundane to the mainstream. I think they all are quite certain based on my view of accelerating technology. The degree of usage will be determined by effectiveness and not on technical feasibility.