Boston Consulting Groups global Millionaire count

Global wealth grew by 7.5 percent in 2006 to reach $97.9 trillion, measured in local currencies.

The number of millionaire households grew by 14.0 percent in 2006, to 9.6 million. These were the richest 0.7 percent of households, and they owned $33.2 trillion—or about one-third—of global wealth. North America was home to nearly half of all millionaire households, Europe had about one-quarter, and Asia-Pacific accounted for about one-fifth.

Wealth remained concentrated in certain regions. North America (the United States and Canada) and Europe again had the deepest pools of wealth, at $36.2 trillion and $33.0 trillion, respectively.

Businessweek had some more information from this report

The U.S. had, by far, the highest number of millionaire households, with nearly 4.6 million, and the highest number of $100 million-plus households, with 2,300.

Tapping Human Assets to Sustain Growth: Global Wealth 2007. —BCG’s seventh annual global-wealth report—is based on a comprehensive market study of wealth in 62 countries (representing more than 96 percent of global GDP) and a benchmarking survey of 111 wealth managers that oversaw almost $10 trillion in client assets and liabilities.

Boston consulting group 2006 report on millionaires with 2005 data

The number of millionaire households, measured in U.S. dollars, reached 7.2 million. They owned 28.6 percent of global wealth. Nearly 41 percent of all millionaire households—almost 3 million—were in the United States. Japan had the second-largest number of such households (825,000), followed by the United Kingdom (440,000). China, with 250,000 millionaire households, placed sixth.

The Top Five Countries With the Most Millionaire Households

No. 1: U.S.

Total millionaire households: 4,585,000
Change in 2005-06: +10%
Growth rank: 13 (of 15)

Total population: 301,139,947

Total $100 million+ households: 2,300 (rank: 1)
Change in 2005-06: +7%
Growth rank: 14

No. 2: Japan

Total millionaire households: 830,000
Change in 2005-06: +7%
Growth rank: 15

Total population: 127,433,494

Total $100 million+ households: 1,300 (rank: 2)
Change in 2005-06: +6%
Growth rank: 15

No. 3: Britain

Total millionaire households: 610,000
Change in 2005-06: +30.5%
Growth rank: 3

Total population: 60,776,238

Total $100 million+ households: 810 (rank: 3)
Change in 2005-06: +25%
Growth rank: 4

No. 4: Germany

Total millionaire households: 350,000
Change in 2005-06: +21%
Growth rank: 10

Total population: 82,400,996

Total $100 million+ households: 620 (rank: 4)
Change in 2005-06: +18%
Growth rank: 10

No. 5: China

Total millionaire households: 310,000
Change in 2005-06: +39%
Growth rank: 1

Total population: 1,321,851,888

Total $100 million+ households: 180 (rank: 13)
Change in 2005-06: +74%
Growth rank: 1

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