Carnival of Space Week 25

Check out the well written Carnival of Space #25 at

My contribution was preview coverage of the space elevator games

The interim report on space based solar power is out and sortingoutscience lists many links to sites that are talking about it.
I had made several contributions at the space based solar power website.

The Japanese lunar probe Selene mission is presented in depth,again with many extra links provided by sortingoutscience.

The analysis of methods for deflecting asteroids is discussed, along with the determination that satellites with inflatable mirrors is the best choice for most situations I had put this information out to the Lifeboat Foundation blog.

Colony worlds discusses how exploration and emergency are not the right reasons to go to space, but that economic reasons are. I mostly agree and that is why the near term focus should be reducing costs and building up infrastructure in space using robotics and low energy orbital transfers.

The Carnival has a lot of other great stuff on Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and more check it out