Suggestions for optimizing IQ test performance

Suggestions on how to optimize performance on an IQ test

Let the “experts” argue about whether you can boost IQ or not, in any absolute sense. If you slept well, exercised, then sat up straight and breathed deeply as you took the test, don’t you think you would score a few points higher on an intelligence quotient test? More importantly, wouldn’t you be better prepared for whatever mental tasks you faced?

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  1. One could always construct some large rotating structures on the surface or underground on the moon and mars so that people are exposed to 1g or more everyday. The other thing to do would be to constantly carry a multiple of their weight in the low G environment to offset.

    The main thing to put on the Moon and Mars is not necessarily people but energy generation, mining, factories and telescopes.

    The space colonies in various orbits are needed for the safety reasons outlined by Hawking.

  2. The reason that Al Globus and others advocate space colonies rather than the mars or the moon first is because children that grow up in the low gravity environment would have a hell of a time returning to earth or a 1g space station – it would be too much for their spines. So a prerequisite for moon and mars-based colonization would be the ability to entirely reengineer human beings to allow them to grow up in low-g environments and then transition to 1-g environments as necessary.

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