Next Week Dwave will be demoing a new 28 qubit quantum computer

At the supercomputer 2007 conference (Nov 13-15, 2007) Dwave Systems will be demo-ing an image matching application co-developed with Dr. Hartmut Neven of Google, a world-leading authority on image matching algorithms. The hardware they are using to run the application is a 28-qubit superconducting adiabatic quantum computer. In February, 2007, Dwave had indicated that they would have a 32 qubit system at this time. However, this would still be the largest quantum computing system. One of the main aspects was that the quality of the qubits and the Input/output system. The system was going to be revised and improved to set the stage for a large scale up in qubits for 2008. Two systems are planned for next year. One with 512 qubits and another with 1024 qubits.

28 qubits can handle 256 million states, which is 4096 times more than the February system.