Commercializing Micro-Nanotechnology Products book

The new book from CRC Press features a chapter written by Zyvex founder Jim Von Ehr: “Zyvex Corporation: Providing Nanotechnology Solutions today.” The chapter discusses Zyvex’s Instruments and Materials product lines, our partners, processes, and corporate focus. It also contains a section on Zyvex’s vision for atomically precise manufacturing and the 2001 NIST-ATP grant for “Assemblers for Nanotechnology Applications and Manufacturing: Enabling the Nanotechnology Era.”

The book begins by detailing the steps required to turn an idea into a marketable product. The editors give examples of previously successful products and relate to their own experiences in development. Next, the text focuses on the importance of entrepreneurship and the required steps to finance and develop a marketing strategy. It contains various definitions of nanotechnology and how each relates to roadmap and production issues. Three detailed case studies from the leading MNT development and manufacturing companies describe how each venture started and progressed to become a market leader. These studies offer valuable insight into overcoming the challenges related to achieving financial backing and specifying the right product for development.

Chapter 1: The Path to Commercialization
Chapter 2: Entrepreneurships role in Commercializing Micro-nanotechnology products
Chapter 3: Roadmapping Nanotechnology
Chapter 4: Technology transfer of nanotechnology products from US Universities
Chapter 5: Commercialization strategies for Public research organizations
Chapter 6: Market Analysis and growth for Micro-nanotechnology products
Chapter 7: Oxonica PLC – A leading UK nanotechnology firm : Kevin Matthews
Chapter 8: Zyvex Corporation – providing nanotechnology solutions today: Jim Von Ehr
Chapter 9: microParts GmbH – History of a successful German Microsystems based business. Reiner Wechsung
Chapter 10: Shaping the Future
Oxonica is one of the leading international nanomaterials groups with products already launched into international markets. Oxonica’s business model is to focus on its strength in identifying market opportunities, securing intellectual property and introducing new technology to market. The company has four operating divisions: Oxonica Energy, Oxonica Healthcare, Oxonica Materials and Oxonica Security.

Oxonica has 60 staff. O2Q:London Stock Exchange. 1.4 Billion market capitalization. $20 million in revenue in 2006.

Commercialised products are:
Envirox™ Fuel Borne Catalyst – a fuel borne nanocatalyst for diesel engines which reduces fuel consumption with savings of 5-10% and reduces particulate emissions by up to 15%. The product has already been adopted by Stagecoach Group in the UK and is distributed by DMX Technology Corporation to petroleum companies in the Philippines for use in a premium diesel.

Optisol™ UV Absorber – a photostable UV absorber that provides enhanced and longer lasting protection against UVA in sun-care and anti-ageing products. Optisol™ also reduces the formation of free radicals produced from exposure to the sun and which are implicated in premature skin ageing. Boots Group plc is the first to incorporate Optisol™ in their new Soltan Facial Sun Defense Cream for 2005.