Li-Tec claims breakthrough lithium ion battery

A german company also believes it has a better lithium ion battery. Batteries made by the a firm called Li-Tec “take up 30 percent less volume than those from Toyota” and “allow you to go three times further for the same weight than French models

Housed in a stylish rectangular silver pouch, the “Separion” consists of two lithium electrodes in an electrolyte, or liquid conductor.

What differentiates it from similar batteries is that the electrodes are separated by a flexible ceramic membrane that provides greater thermal stability, according to the German group.

Li-Tec has joined a consortium that includes Bosch, chemical giant BASF and German car maker Volkswagen to develop the product, which has existed for two years.

“Now someone must be found to produce them” on an industrial scale.

In other electric car news, danish scientists have extended the Zap Xebra pickup so that it traveled 152 miles on a single charge.

ZAP and Lithium Balance, formerly Eco Tech A/S, have been collaborating on the development of the new battery management system. Lithium Balance’s new system helps maximize the efficiency and performance of lithium batteries. The overall system is smaller and lighter, increasing the energy density by eight to ten times compared to the lead acid batteries that are common in today’s electric cars. Lithium Balance claims the new system also improves the safety and reliability of large-scale lithium battery packs for automotive applications.

India is set to launch a four door electric car in 2009 by Bavina Industries. It will have a maximum speed of 55kph and cost Rs 2.5 lakh (A Lakh Rupee is one hundred thousand rupees). Therefore, the car is set to cost about US$6350.

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