Carnival of Space Week 35

Carnival of space 35 is up in two sections

I contributed my article on new low earth orbit solar power plans

Hobbyspace covers the latest New Space news

Space4commerce talks about resources in space

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As I may have mentioned before, Stewart Brand has also been kind enough to endorse my entertaining look at nuclear power for the lay person - the novel "Rad Decision". Available online at no cost to readers or in paperback." REL="nofollow">


Hi Brian,

Completely offtopic (can't find any other way of contacting you)

I live in sweden, over the last few days the latest life expectancy figures have been released by the central statistics bureau. The following figures are available:

Since the beginning of the 80s average life expectancy has increased by 6 years
1980 women - 78,8 years men - 72,8. Today women - 82,8 men -78,4 years.

Just since 2002 the life expectancy has risen on an average of 1.2 years for both sexes,

They attribute this to improved medical care (drugs and evidence based medicine) and successful preventive efforts (quit smoking campaigns etc)

People are still not quite grasping the significance of this, especially since life expectancy growth seems to be accelerating (too few data points for me to say this with any degree of certainity, but the released figures seem to imply this)

anyway, hope this info is of any use to you 🙂