Carnival of Space week 38

Carnival of space week 38 is up at sortingout science

My contribution was my discussion of Virgin Galactic and how NASA should learn some lessons as it makes new plans

Hobby space also talked about spaceshiptwo and white knight two

An interesting aspect is that White Knight Two could be the first stage able to launch a one person module into low earth orbit.

Virgin Galactic has begun studying a SpaceShipFour (SS4) that could serve as a satellite launcher. By 2014 a version of WK2, with its 13,300kg (30,000lb) payload capability, could air launch the two-stage SS4 vehicle. SpaceShipThree would be an orbital version of SS2

Selenian boondocks talks about orbital access methods in multiple parts. The second part of two stage to orbit reusable launch vehicles is here

Centauri Dreams talks about extinction odds and moving into space.

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