Microwave oil recovery of oil shale and oil sands

Schlumberger has bought Raytheon microwave oil recovery technology. They can retrieve four to five barrels of oil (EROEI 4-5) for every barrel of oil consumed in the process. Other methods have reported 1 1/2 to three barrels (EROEI 1.5-3) for each one consumed.

Because microwaves can generate heat faster than convection heating, shale can be adequately heated to extract oil within a month or two of beginning production activities, rather the year or longer for other methods, Raytheon says.

This technology could help unlock 800 billion barrels of recoverable oil from oil shale in the USA.

For tarsands and heavy oil the process could yield 10-15 barrels per barrel consumed (EROEI 10-15).

Hat tip to Al Fin