Nanodynamics will be first US company to IPO on the Dubai Stock Exchange

Nanodynamics is IPO on the Dubai International Financial Exchange (DIFX)

The intent of this offering is to place 9,100,000 shares at a filing price between US$ 10-12.50 raising US$ 100 million. Pricing is expected to take place the week of January 28, 2008

Alan Shalleck of nanoclarity has a lot of useful coverage at nanotech-now.

In February, 2008, the Dubai exchange will be renamed the NASDAQ-DIFX because NASDAQ has taken a 20% stake in the Dubai exchange while the Dubai exchange has taken a similar stake in the NASDAQ allowing the Dubai exchange to carry the NASDAQ name. By going public on the DIFX, a nanotech company can be listed, after February, on the international portion of the NASDAQ and be traded on the NASDAQ exchange.

Because many of the ND applications for its nanotech water filters and fuel cells are in third world nations and the Far East, going public on the Dubai exchange makes strategic business sense for ND. In addition, a series of green applications for specific versions of ND’s developments will be coming to technical and economic fruition during the spring. These opportunities will provide an immediate income boost to ND.

Last month I recommended a 2008 strategy of nanotech company consolidation. Consolidate or die. This month I have exposed the second part of my recommended strategy. The reason to merge is first to create a critical operational mass and second to go public on the NASDAQ-DIFX exchange to finance your next growth stage. ND is leading the way… follow them while international big money is looking for US technology and for US based growing nanotech companies.