Graphene is one of the best conductors of heat

Carbon nanotubes have a typical thermal conductivity range of 3000 to 3500 W/m•K [watts per meter per degree Kelvin]. Diamond, another form of carbon, comes in between 1000 and 2200 W/m•K. The single-layer graphene studied by the UCR researchers displayed a thermal conductivity as high as 5300 W/m•K near room temperature. The thermal conductivity of silicon, the most important electronic material, is around 145 W/m•K if measured at room temperature. Graphene is 36.5 times better than silicon at conducting heat.

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  1. Over at accelerating future, Michael Anissimov asked why is this discovery important?

    I think more facts about what actually makes up our stellar neighborhood will fire up some imaginations and other motivations (for those who are not already motivated) to get serious about doing more in our solar system.

    It is like we have been around a campfire on an island oasis. Then we build devices to see around what appear to be other islands with at least areas with the conditions for fresh water and an oasis.

    At the very least money and motivation for the super-scopes that would be straight forward to make. The terrestrial planet finder budget has been shakey and might have been cut. Get the scopes off the drawing board.

    It only took fictional shows and movies like Star Trek to fire up a lot of imaginations and efforts that brought a lot of useful things to reality. Hopefully things like this and hopefully the discovery of liquid water and some microbes on Mars could help shifting people to start making real space development


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