Skype’s GM Christensen predict the next 10 years of Skype, VOIP and the mobile internet

Skype’s Jonathan Christensen presented slides to the Emerging Communications Conference. Christensen is Skype’s GM for Voice and Video. Hat tip to Phil Wolff at Skype Journal.

The Era of Rich Mobile Internet Communications [from 2008-2017]
– Multi-modal communications (original SIP vision)
– Real time HD video, Data, Presence, Text, Wideband Audio
– Smart endpoints, open platform… Application innovation..
– Fixed / Mobile Convergence – for real…
– Mash ups of web based communications

Mobility is the last anchor to the old way with the fastest growth in telecom services today and spectrum scarcity makes it a perfect walled garden. However, over the next ten years it will open up. The 22 MHz of “700 band” spectrum with “Open Platform” conditions applying now is the start of a truly open mobile situation in the USA.