Taiwan presidential election at the end of this week

ABC News’ online coverage of the Taiwan presidential election, with most polls showing presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou of the KMT with big or small leads.

Prediction markets also are forecasting a Ma Ying-jeou win in the Taiwan Presidential election at the end of this week (March 22, 2008).

I have had several articles on this and my prediction has also been that Ma Ying-jeou will win. I think this is a route to less tensions between China and Taiwan and will take the possibility of China invading Taiwan pretty much off the table. The steadily weakening US dollar is continuing to keep my prediction that Chinese will pass the US economy on an exchange rate basis in 2018 plus or minus three years on track. Originally had it at 2020 but have updated it based on recent trends.

The Yuan on March 17, 2008 is at 7.08 to the USD and 11.167 to the Euro.

Taiwan Political exchange is one such prediction market

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