US Air force plans nuclear power plant and navy geothermal for bases

According to a recent article in Energy and Environment News, the Air Force is planning to build a 100-225 megawatt nuclear power reactor.

Wired blogs mentioned air force interest in nuclear power for bases back in late 2007

Inside the Air Force: headline: Air Force to sign Letter of Intent for Nuclear plant by late 2008 – March 7, 2008 Story length: 1,618 words.

Top Air Force energy officials plan to sign a letter of intent with members of the nuclear power industry by November in order to ensure that the service’s plan to build at least one small, next-generation nuclear-power plant on an Air Force base in the coming decades will not be abandoned by the next presidential administration.

The Navy is looking at three sites for new geothermal plants.

This follows what was viewed as the successful 270GW China Lake geothermal power plant