Bakken news from around the internet on the eve of the USGS report

My guess at what the USGS will report as the recoverable oil in the Bakken formation tomorrow.

Well my guess was far to optimistic. The USGS 2008 figure was 3.65 billion barrels of oil for the US part of the Bakken formation.

Stackfrac horizontal drilling that is available today could recover up to 15% of the oil in parts of the formation. 75% of the formation is in the USA. 25% is in Canada. Not all parts of the formation would have 15% recovery, some might have 0-10%. Even though future technology could improve this number, that is not what will be projected. The high price of oil means that quick wells that produce for as little as 6-12 months could be profitably drilled.

I will say for the US portion 380 billion barrels of oil in place and 42 billion barrels of recoverable oil with todays technology. My guess is whole formation has 510 billion barrels of oil in place. 15 Billion barrels of recoverable oil in Canada.

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