Monocytes with nanomagnets for enhanced drug and gene therapy delivery

The technique involves inserting nanomagnets into monocytes – a type of white blood cell used to carry gene therapy – and injecting the cells into the bloodstream. The researchers then placed a small magnet over the tumour to create a magnetic field and found that this attracted many more monocytes into the tumour.

This new technique could also be used to help deliver therapeutic genes in other diseases like arthritic joints or ischemic heart tissue.

Better targeting of gene therapy would be helpful for gene therapy for transhuman performance enhancement as well.

Though the concept of magnetic targeting for drug and gene delivery has been around for decades, major technical hurdles have prevented its translation into a clinical therapy. By harnessing and enhancing the monocytes’ innate targeting abilities, this technique offers great potential to overcome some of these barriers and bring the technology closer to the clinic.

The team are now looking at how effective magnetic targeting is at delivering a variety of different cancer-fighting genes, including ones which could stop the spread of tumours to other parts of the body.

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yes, that is allowed.
You just have to precisely describe how you can do it so that someone else in the field could follow the instructions and be able to do it. There is nothing that says how long it would take them to do it. So the instructions could be to synthesize a 5000 base string which has been done but can take awhile, give them the specific sequence and then insert it into a blanked bacteria which has also been done.
then they have a viable patent even if no one has put those steps together before.


So they are trying to patent something that they can't even do yet... is that even allowed?