Accurate biochips for comprehensive disease screening

Biochips contain grids of small wells or “dots,” each of which contains a protein, antibody or nucleic acid that can bind to a target antigen or DNA sequence.

New biochips can detect cancers and other diseases accurately before symptoms develop.

Why does this matter ? Early detection can have a large impact on survival rates. Breast cancer detected at stage 0 has a 100% survival rate after 5 years. Those who are detected at stage 4 have a 20% survival rate after 5 years. So if everyone had good and accurate and regular disease screening then no one would die of breast cancer even if treatments do not improve. We can already save everyone who has stage 0 breast cancer. This would save 502,000 lives worldwide every year.

Lung cancer five year survival rates
Stage 0 70-80%
Stage I 50%
Stage II 30%
Stage III 5-15%
Stage IV