You say inVitro meat, yuck. But eat deep fried meat slurry, corn and chemicals. Called chicken nuggets

I had previously covered the PETA $1 million prize for invitro (test tube / factory meat from stem cells) meat. PETA prize for chicken meat that can pass a fried chicken taste test and be sold in ten states commercially

Many people have an initial reaction that invitro meat would be yucky and they do not want it. However, people already eat meat slurry in fairly large quantities.

Meat slurry is mechanically separated meat (MSM), also known as mechanically recovered/reclaimed meat (MRM), is a paste-like meat product produced by forcing beef, pork or chicken bones, with attached edible meat, under high pressure through a sieve or similar device to separate the bone from the edible meat tissue. Then this is mixed with water to make it more easily fed through tubes.

From Wikipedia: Meat slurry is part of chicken nuggets (like at McDonalds) The meat part is mainly reconstituted meat slurry. Then there is chicken skin. Most of a chicken nugget (56%) is corn.

From Wikipedia:

A meat slurry, reconstituted meat, or emulsified meat, is a liquefied meat product that contains fewer fats, pigments and less myoglobin than unprocessed dark meats. Meat slurry also eases the process of meat distribution and is more malleable than dark meats.

UPDATE: Why would invitro meat not be so bad ? I would eat both invitro meat or chicken nuggets in spite of how their production could be viewed negatively. Invitro meat will be the same as regular meat at the cellular level. Producing stem cells and differentiating them is leading to transplantable livers and other organs. Therefore, the meat that it produces for us to eat will be like the real thing. It should be 4-20 times more energy efficient to produce than beef from a cow. It will not be sold until it is more cost efficient to produce for a particular type of meat.
NOTE: I had fairly quickly put this article together and was sloppy in my cut and paste although I had links to all of my multiple references. So the parts with the specific descriptions of meat slurry is not and was not claimed to be original. What was original was pointing out the meat slurry, chicken nugget, and invitro meat yuck factor connection.

Meat slurry is not designed to sell for general consumption; rather, it is used as a meat supplement in food products for humans, such as chicken nuggets, and food for domestic animals. Poultry is the most common meat slurry; however, beef and pork are also used.

Some other Poultry science, turning dark meat into white meat

So people can say yuck – invitro meat.
But deep fry it and call them improved McNuggets and they eat billions.

4.8 Billion Chicken McNuggets are sold annually.

What is in a McDonald’s chicken Nugget ?

McDonald’s Chicken McNugget is 56% corn.

NOTE: It was a yahoo answer below that I was particularly sloppy with which had the citation issues as the yahoo anwer was pieced together from .

From Yahoo answers:

Chicken nuggets are often made using a high proportion of chicken skin. This is because without the skin the consistency would not be sticky enough for the nuggets to hold together. Food labeling law dictates that skin used to make the nugget need not be distinguished from the muscle consumers normally think of when they hear the word “meat”. The remainder of the nugget is most likely to be made up of mechanically separated meat, with some processing additives such as anti-foaming agents (usually polydimethylsiloxane). The meat of the nugget may also be composed of reconstituted meat slurry.

Other coverage on work towards invitro meat

Test tube meat work


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