True three dimensional display.

72 inch diagonal Holovizio720RC display

European Union funded Holografika is offering superior 3D displays that provide the full 3D information to the viewer. (Most other 3D displays provide partial information). The Holovizio product is not just using 2D images and visual tricks, it is providing a real 3d image.

– The pictures don’t “jump” between the views, horizontal perspective
– Numbers of viewers are not limited.
– No discomfort, seasickness or disorientation
– Not necessary to stand in one point, free motion possible
– No delays or latency
– users do not need goggles

Holovizio 128 WLD a 32 inch diagonal display

The Coherent project researchers that developed this technology made exciting advances in enabling applications that show the system’s real potential.

– raw data from medical imaging devices to create 3-D models of anatomy.
– CRS4 also developed rendering and visualisation software that may reveal the artistic secrets of the great masters, like Michelangelo. A scan of his famous David revealed that the eyes diverge.
– holographic systems for oil exploration and for designing cars

Link to a video demonstration of the holovizio technology