Brad Templeton on Robocars : great minds think alike

This site had published an article one week ago about creating robotic car exclusive zones in cities to enable a faster deployment of robotic cars.

Brad Templeton has written up several articles about the advantages of robotic cars for revamping the transportation system.

Brad’s robocar mainpage.

Brad looks at the myth of green public transit. Note: public transit can be far more energy efficient in places like asia where there is very high density on the buses and trains.

In Japan, they have pushers to pack more people onto the trains.

Brad also has calculations which show that while agriculture remains an oil and energy intensive business we do not get great overall energy savings by going to walking and human powered biycle riding

Robocar only zones would allow for an effective and safe transition to lighter vehicles like electric bikes and trikes.

Brad looks at a roadmap to robocar transportation.

Brad discusses roadblocks to robocars

Design changes for robocars

Stories of a robocar future

Downsides of a robocar future

Brad writes about when robocars will happen.

Deliverybot variant

Bikebot variants