Exercise Pills

Sedentary mice that got the drug AICAR daily for four weeks were placed on a treadmill, they were able to run an average of about 550 meters, 44% farther than mice that had received only a placebo. AICAR tricks the body to react as if exercise had happened.

Another drug GW1516 combined with exercise gives mice an advantage. After five weeks of training, mice that got the drug were able to run for more than three hours, improving 68% more than mice that received only the training.

When the researchers dissected the mice that got the drug, they found that the number of high-efficiency muscle fibers had increased 29%.

These drugs could enhance the health of less active people and increase the health benefits to those who are active. The GW1516 pill can enhance exercise endurance so that a person could workout for longer sessions.

There is more on gene doping to create more natural EPO for higher endurance and IGF-1 for more muscles.


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