Hypersonic Falcon HTV-3X

Falcon HTV-3X

The Blackswift Hypersonic program may not get fully funded for the $750 million that it needs, but the program has
a lot of interesting technology and innovations for greater efficiency. This technology and innovations are discussed below.

Making a scramjet rocket would be a better program to fund for space access. A scramjet rocket would be simpler and cheaper than a space plane and would not need to have the weight of wings and other gear.

From the designers of Skylon, there is a fairly practical spaceplane design. It is called the Mach 5 A2 commercial Concorde replacement.

The MHD bypass to slow the supersonic air so that a turbine can function while the scramjet goes up to Mach 7

However, there is a lot of interesting technology in the Blackswift program. Constant volume combustion, more efficient than Brayton cycle Humphrey cycle propulsion (like a pulse-detonation engine).

The goal is to achieve a flying Mach 6 demonstrator by 2013.

It would use regular fuel instead of hydrogen, which would be more practical but have relatively lower performance.


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