Now that is a long comment thread

The big news out of Iraq is that Lara Logan, the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News, tells The Washington Post she is pregnant, and the father is a married federal contractor whom she met while stationed in Iraq. H/T instapundit

The one thing that I would note is that the comment thread is already over 2700 comments and one would have to page through them ten at time.

4 thoughts on “Now that is a long comment thread”

  1. There is no need to get worked up about this or to start a flame war. We are just discussing an early proposal of a scientific theory.

    I know that dezakin often has very insiteful comments especially around engineering and energy.

    I appreciate your input as well ai guy

  2. Dezakin: You must have missed the “reading comprehension” class last year in grade five…we forgive you… what he said was that every major field in AI contains problems that are NP-hard (which is true). It’s quite likely that the pattern matching of complex sequences that underlies how the brain probably works is performed using an evolved heuristic. These types of problems (average case NP-hard optimization problems) might be solved (possibly exponentially) faster with quantum computers than the way the brain does it. Next time read the post before you spout off fool.

  3. I think the theory is that humans have evolved some intuitive approximation capabilities that are used to solve certain NP hard things. Because we have not determined the algorithms that we can implement to approximate the good approximations, then a better and possibly easier to discover alternative solution is to implement quantum computer algorithms.

    Are humans somehow getting good approximate solutions to problems that are NP hard ?

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